Friday, July 22, 2011

Searching in Cornwall: Updated May 2012

Update April 2012: See link directly below for amazing index of bastardy bonds, lease information, wills, and more. There are lots of names and details for many of the entries, and it is searchable by name.

Cornwall Council: Cornwall Record Office Online Archive

If your ancestors were in Cornwall, that may be pretty far away to do your searching. As usual, the internet is your friend. And in Penwith, Cornwall, it is especially friendly, because there are amazing online resources, and I am finding that more and more resources keep appearing.

A great place to start your search is with a board (no fee involved) devoted to Penwith, Cornwall ancestry searching. You can post your surnames and questions, and you can search for anything that has been posted previously. The admins are very helpful, and everyone who posts seems to help each other out. There are also very good lists of related resources. Knowledge of the families in Penwith is expanding greatly as new information is added.
I have found it very useful, and will continue to peruse the boards.
Check it out at:

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