Saturday, April 20, 2013

Digitized Newspapers for Wales

Here it is  --digitized newspapers for Welsh hstory. In beta form now, we can only expect the website to improve. See what your Welsh ancestors may have done--in the courts, in the mines, in business, in the Eisteddfodd. It's all very interesting!
See Welsh Newspapers Online beta

Friday, April 19, 2013

Digital Newspapers free 1800s-1900s

The Library of Congress has digitized many U.S. newspapers. The access is free and the search engine is excellent. Check it out and find some ancestors in the news!
See: Library of Congress.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why is Gedmatch not Working?

I checked my stats today and found this question had been posed in a search leading to my blog.

It is a good question. Today Gedmatch has posted that there have been malfunctions that have affected two of the servers it uses. It will take awhile to get the service back up and running, and it may be that some data will have been lost in the process.

Gedmatch is a wonderful website with amazing utilities for those of us looking at DNA to use. It isn't a business at this point, but rather a free service, and those who track the DNA companies know that some of them have had their big IT kafuffles as well.

Everything is new and dynamic, and technology can cause as many problems as it can deliver answers.

My suggestion is that we consumers must be patient--we have no other choice when the websites are down anyway--and to strike when the iron is hot! If and when the site is working, upload your data, make comparisons, check out all the possible utilities and print out some results to contemplate.

Five years ago the DNA landscape was much more bland.  Now we have glitches--and the luxury of complaining about sites being down now and then.