Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhode Island cemteries: amazing documentation

Rhode Island searches can be difficult, with missing records here and there, and many names repeated over generations. It is so close to Massachusetts that the residents could be in one or the other in any given year. One of the resources I appreciate very much is the Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries transcription project. It is completely free and completely searchable. The search mechanism is a little unusual, but by trial and error it can be understood. The information that is in the database is of  tremendous help in confirming marriages, locations of residence, and dates of death,  Not only is there information about the people buried in the cemeteries, but there are also excellent descriptions of the cemeteries. which can be that last little clue in finding information for the family tree. The cemetery index is a part of the Rhode Island GenWeb, and is located at: From Aldrich to Whipple and more, many Rhode Island ancestors are listed here.

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