Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crystal Ball thinking about social networking: G+

There is certainly a lot of buzz in the air about "G+" by google. Still in its trial phase, not all of us have tried it. Checking out the recent business news about genealogy research, I noticed that a founder and statistician of ancestry.com appears to be interested in what direction this social networking feature will go. Paul Allen of FamilyLink and ancestry.com performed an unofficial analysis to see how the gender breakdown looks for using G+ so far. His results showed a higher percentage of females than did another study. It is very interesting to see how interest in and use of social networking is paralleling and combining with the family history arena.

News sources: Article by Tom Cheredar on Venture Beat July 16, 2011: http://venturebeat.com/2011/07/16/google-plus-male-female-ratio/
and article by David Gomez on TG Daily:

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