Sunday, July 3, 2011

Revolutionary Soldiers

The fourth of July is a good time to think about the soldiers of the Revolution. If you have one in your ancestry, you may be able to find out more about that soldier in one of two easy ways: The first is to look at what is available at the website hosted by the Daughters of the Revolution, an organization which recently made genealogy information about soldiers of the Revolution available to everyone at: You may find information about the ancestor, and if you are fortunate, there will be some genealogies to accompany the information. It is all very well documented, and an excellent resource. The second excellent option is to find a pension application by the ancestor or the ancestor's relatives. The application would only be granted if Revolutionary service was long enough, could be proved, and if the family could demonstrate need.  The applications themselves reveal a great deal of information, often including place of birth, person to whom the soldier was married, and details of the military service itself. The pensions were often not granted, due to what the courts considered lack of proof. Many of these applications are now available at and make riveting reading. The applicant was often impoverished. Sometimes the pension was granted to the widow, the soldier having died during the lengthy application process.

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