Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Birth Marriage Death Records from the UK

In case you haven't gotten too far into your UK research, you should take note of "Free BMD." Just use a search engine on those terms and you will get to the amazing site with excellent records in the UK since about 1836. It cannot tell you exactly who married whom, but that is half the fun. You will be able to find a marriage for the appropriate year for the ancestor you are looking for, and then you will be directed to the page for the marriage listing for that day in that place. Everyone who married with that name to someone else in that year and in that location will be listed together. By process of elimination  (going back and forth to the census, family trees, biographies, IGI records) you can probably figure out which one would be the spouse of the target person. Births are more straightforward, of course, and the death dates and places can be very helpful.

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