Thursday, August 11, 2011

Native American Baptismal records at Fort Hunter, New York

If you enjoy looking at Native American  records (often difficult to find) , or if you may have Mohawk ancestors from the Fort Hunter area  in northern New York,  you might like to look at a transcription of a few of the baptismal, marriage, and funeral records from  Queen Anne’s  Chapel at Fort Hunter. Fortunately, many of these records have been preserved from the Register Book, and can be seen free online. The Register book begins in 1734. Many names are Native American, and some are not. It is an excellent record, although you must watch out for variations in spellings. “Surties, “ for example, means “sureties,” the people who guarantee the marriage contract or who stand with the parents at a baptism.
The website with the transcription can be found at: It is part of a very good site on local history  for the Three Rivers area hosted by rootsweb.

Other selections from the original record can be found elsewhere.

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