Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hidden census records

The census records you find on for the U.S. census are a useful, and  the scanned records cover every decade from 1790 to 1930 (except some early records and  1890-with some exceptions, and a few other omissions due to lack of records).

It is useful to be aware that there may be a few more census records that will be useful to you out there, including State or county census records. Parts of these may have been transcribed and are available, if you know where to look. In New York, for example,

New Horizons Genealogy has free searchable census records by county. See There are records for many years in years not covered by the U.S. census.

State census records on microfilm are indexed online by the New York State Library. You can see which records are available by county and year You should be able to order them from LDS centers. For the index, see

And for Jefferson County I have a favorite site: Alice Corbett's, which has some towns for the 1855 census. See: She has many other interesting and searchable items on the website--all involving Jefferson County history. The 1850 census is also there.

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