Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You want admixture? Now you can find Pygmy and Amerindian ancestry and even Beringian ancestry on HarappaWorld!

HarappaWorld at Gedmatch.com


Are you part pygmy? 

The admixture utilities seem to be, at least to me, one of the best features of Gedmatch.com. The results are beautiful, instantaneous. and you can go from one admixture program to another in minutes.

There is now yet another admixture program to plug your data into, and it is just as much fun as the others. This one is called HarappaWorld, and has some intriguing ethnic groups as reference points for the admixture. I had never heard of some of them.

 Anyone who has raw data from autosomal testing will enjoy this new utility. You can compare the results of two kits (say you and your uncle) to each other and see the painted colors representing ethnic groups on each chromosome. It is amazing and wonderful that genetic scientists are willing to put up these utilities on Gedmatch.com for anyone to use. It enriches everyone's understanding and curiosity.

 Yes, I'm intrigued. The results bring us as many questions as answers, and that is half the fun.

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