Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New "Hunter-Gatherer" analysis at includes long-awaited Amerindian results

If you have had your autosomal DNA analyzed at FTDNA or 23andme, and you haven't entered your results on, you are missing out. The new additions to the website are mind-boggling. In the past one paid for admixture analysis.  At you can upload your results and get beautiful admixture images showing heritage in colors. No charge.  Not only are there several (actually many) different admixture programs developed by different geneticists, but also there is the "Hunter-Gatherer" analysis, a new and different approach to your heritage. It is really a fun application and as I have said before, gives bang to the buck for having tested in the first place. It includes analysis of Amerindian/Arctic segments, and that is certainly what many have been hoping to see in bright colors. And there it is. If your data is already uploaded--take a look and enjoy.

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