Friday, February 21, 2014

Triangulation of chromosome segments--Amazing new feature at

This is a very useful feature, and one that will really save time when trying to understand how your match matches you and others by chromosome segments. It is very simple--all you have to enter on the utility is your kit number. Your closest matches for each chromosome appear, and the matching segments are color coded to indicate where you match, where matches match each other and not you, and best of all, where there is a three-way match, where two matches match each other AND you. As noted on the utility: "This indicates ancestry." What an amazing utility to work with. This is exactly what autosomal DNA testing is all about. You don't have to break your brain seeking out segments, measuring them, and comparing them to potential matches. It is done for you in a flash.
Even better--while the comparisons show the kit numbers which match you, all you have to do to find out who the person (or pseudonym) is behind the match is to hover your cursor over the
number. has taken an important step towards the future. Imagine a time when we will be finding matches with little effort, and that means extending our family trees with certainty. Slowly but surely we are getting closer to that experience.

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