Sunday, July 8, 2012

What genealogy software to buy?

If you are considering purchasing family tree or genealogy software, you need to find the package that will work with your computer abilities, your computer platform, and your goals. And cost is also a factor. You may want to check out this website to see the excellent comparison between software package options.

I found a great side-by-side comparison of such packages at at

I use Family Tree Maker and find it very efficient and pleasant to use. I like the interface with the information on, and I am constantly finding new features that amaze me. I particularly like the feature that allows the information from to be added to a person on a family tree with the documentation included. Talk about time-saving!! The forum at Family Tree DNA currently is running a poll which shows that for those who have responded, this is the software of choice.

Update December 2015: has announced that it is dropping its interface with Family Tree maker. 

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