Monday, January 16, 2012

Scanned marriage documents in UK at

Recently, I have been researching UK vital records, and I have been very pleased to find scanned marriage records from the UK.  This is a great boon to research, as ordering each record that might be desired is time-consuming and costly. doesn't have all the records scanned, of course. But what is available is amazing. Everything can be seen, from the signature, or mark of the bride and groom, to the names of the witnesses, and the condition of the prospective pair (spinster, bachelor, widow, or widower). This is exactly the kind of document that is invaluable to the researcher, and kudos to for putting them on their website.
I know that and Fold3 are also doing a great job of scanning records. It is a delight to peruse them, and the information is amazing. The more that are scanned, the more families we can put together, and the we will have access to our family stories.

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