Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why is Gedmatch not Working?

I checked my stats today and found this question had been posed in a search leading to my blog.

It is a good question. Today Gedmatch has posted that there have been malfunctions that have affected two of the servers it uses. It will take awhile to get the service back up and running, and it may be that some data will have been lost in the process.

Gedmatch is a wonderful website with amazing utilities for those of us looking at DNA to use. It isn't a business at this point, but rather a free service, and those who track the DNA companies know that some of them have had their big IT kafuffles as well.

Everything is new and dynamic, and technology can cause as many problems as it can deliver answers.

My suggestion is that we consumers must be patient--we have no other choice when the websites are down anyway--and to strike when the iron is hot! If and when the site is working, upload your data, make comparisons, check out all the possible utilities and print out some results to contemplate.

Five years ago the DNA landscape was much more bland.  Now we have glitches--and the luxury of complaining about sites being down now and then.


Carol DeSanto said...

I miss Gedmatch so much! I'm trying to be patient, but it would be easier if I had some idea how long 'a while' means...weeks :), months:l, years :(

Susan said...

I agree! Once we (those who use its services) know if it is a matter of fixing a problem or of acquiring another server, we may have a better idea. The service provided by is quite amazing, but we have to accept that it is being run on a volunteer basis. I hope it will eventually be better established as a business supported perhaps by companies who benefit from its customers using the utilities or that someone will take over the same functions and establish a stable business.

C. John Humphrey said...

Is it still down? Keep getting an error after I sign-in

Susan said...

It has been up and running every time I've checked this week, so it should work for anyone.

Anonymous said... not working today APRIL 17, 2014. Exactly one year later, not working again.

Susan said...

Sorry to hear that. I checked today and it is working.

Anonymous said...

I can not find the Administrator address site anywhere to request that my family tree be removed. I don't see it anywhere. Any help?

Susan said...

I haven't needed to contact the admin for a long time, but I looked at the website today. It appears to have a clickable email contact in the lower right hand corner. It is not identified as an email contact but shows up as such if you click on it.