Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gedmatch is back!

Finally gedmatch has posted an update to the financial situation and the server situation. And many of the utilities (including triangulation) are back, except they may not work for you just as yet. I tried, and got the reply that user zzzzz was not recognized. I know the website is going through some glitches, and a new announcement on the homepage says as much, so I will wait for a bit to expect success with attempts to upload my recent matches.

It appears that Gedmatch is coming close to its fundraising goal to raise enough to be its own server.

It really looks like it is on its way back.

Update Oct 17:  Good news! Triangulation utility worked fine today, and loaded more quickly than in the past.

Update Nov. 14--everything is functioning very well and pages load more quickly than in the past. Nice to see it is all in order.

The more people who load up their info, the more we all will have to work with!

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